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5 Phoenix Car Accident Attorney Stereotypes That Aren’t Always True

Anyone that has experience working with a Phoenix car accident attorney has likely heard the notorious lawyer jokes. These stem from stereotypes about personal injury attorneys, and many of these assumptions are highly inaccurate. Typically, the stereotypes come from movies or a select number of attorneys that have tarnished the reputation of lawyers in the… Read more

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A Gilbert Personal Injury Attorney Explains Pedestrian Rights

Arizona boasts a group of highly active residents. Many will bike or walk to work, the store, and just around town. To protect pedestrians, Arizona has created various statutes that outline not only a pedestrian’s rights but how vehicles are to treat pedestrians when sharing the roads. Anyone injured by a vehicle while walking on… Read more

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Does a Tempe Personal Injury Attorney Think Your Bike Injury is Worth a Claim?

When a person thinks of a car accident, they picture two vehicles striking one another or a lone vehicle hitting a fixed object. However, that is not the only type of motor vehicle accident. In fact, motor vehicles strike cyclists daily in the United States, and Tempe is no stranger to them either. In fact,… Read more

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What is Loss of Consortium and Can a Chandler Personal Injury Attorney Help?

When an accident occurs, the unthinkable can come with it: the death of a loved one. After a person dies, they could leave behind a spouse, children, and other family members who depended on them for income, love, partnership and more. Like when a victim is injured, negligent parties may be held accountable for the… Read more

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Common Injuries a Gilbert Personal Injury Attorney Sees Over Spring Break

Spring break is a time when the schools are out, students travel to other states or just stay in Arizona to enjoy the great weather. While it is a time of celebration and fun, it is also a time of heightened injuries. Therefore, anyone out enjoying spring break must be aware of these common injuries,… Read more

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What a Design Defect Means to a Chandler Personal Injury Attorney

After a serious car accident due to a defect in a vehicle or another party’s vehicle, a victim may wonder who is at fault for their injuries and the associated costs of that injury. Design defects in a car accident case are highly complex, and a Chandler personal injury attorney will need to determine if… Read more

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Signs of a Possible Brain Injury That Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

Traumatic brain injuries are serious. Unfortunately, many victims of these injuries have no idea that they suffered enough trauma to damage their brain. Other times, the symptoms are apparent. Brain injuries can affect a person for the rest of their life, and if they do not seek treatment as soon as possible, the consequences could… Read more

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Facts Mesa Medical Malpractice Lawyers Want You to Know

Medical malpractice is considered the third leading cause of death in the United States, which is disturbing and outright scary for patients seeking medical treatment. From medical errors that lead to a patient having the wrong body part amputated to unexpected and deadly infections, the number of medical errors in the United States is increasing…. Read more

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6 Key Facts to Know About Your Personal Injury Attorney in Phoenix

After someone is injured because of someone else’s negligence, it’s possible their lives will change forever – especially if the injured party is experiencing pain, or requires numerous medical appointments, or begins to realize the extent of the financial burden serious injuries can result in. No one immediately thinks after an injury that they will… Read more

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