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What Damages Can I Sue For In A Chandler AZ Dog Bite Case?

While most dogs are friendly and are able to be petted most of the time, situations do arise where a dog feels threatened unnecessarily and bites the person who is nearest to them. In many cases, this may be a child or the child’s parent who stopped to pet a dog in a local park… Read more

Why You Should Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer after a Motor Vehicle Accident

Are you a resident of Arizona, Mesa, Phoenix, Gilbert, and are looking for a personal injury attorney? Well, read through our blog post for more details on how legal expertise is essential in helping speed up your recovery, find compensation, and also help in payment of your bills. Take, for example, when you get involved… Read more

4 Common Reasons For Birth Injuries In Phoenix, AZ

When you are ready to deliver your baby, it is supposed to be one of the happiest moments of your life. While this is the case in most circumstances, there are times when doctors or other medical personnel are negligent in their duties. When this happens, birth injuries can happen to babies. As a result,… Read more

What Should I Do If I Slip And Fall In A Phoenix, AZ Store?

When you are walking down an aisle in a Phoenix store, you are of course looking at various products on shelves and trying to decide what to buy. Unfortunately, if you fail to notice a spill that was not cleaned up or items that were left blocking your path, you may suffer a slip and… Read more

Don’t Take No for an Answer From Your Insurance Company

Were you recently injured in a car accident? Were you hurt in a slip and fall accident at work or at a public place? If so, you are entitled to file a personal injury claim. This will be your best bet to recover the money you have to spend on hospital bills. It will also… Read more

Suffered A Catastrophic Injury? Contact A Phoenix Attorney Immediately

When you are involved in an accident that leaves you with catastrophic injuries such as damage to your spinal cord, severe burns, multiple fractures, or the loss of your hearing or sight, there is no doubt your life will be forever changed. Along with adjusting to a new way of life, you will be facing… Read more

Injured by A Defective Product At Phoenix Store and Need an Attorney?

If you went to a store in Phoenix, AZ Metro area recently and perhaps bought something such as a power tool or a small appliance, you assumed nothing would go wrong once you got the product to your home. However, through a design fault, poor directions, or other problems, the product malfunctioned and led to… Read more

Involved In A Car Accident in Mesa, AZ? Here’s Why You Need An Attorney

When you find yourself involved in a car accident in Mesa, your thoughts will be swirling. Whether you are worried about the injuries you suffered, the damage to your vehicle, or perhaps knowing you will likely be out of work for weeks or months, it will be crucial you make no mistakes along the way… Read more

Understanding the Importance of General Damages

All personal injury claims are paid according to the particular case elements. Certain items are termed as special damages because they can be calculated in exact dollar amounts for the most part. Serious injury claims will commonly include future medical considerations that can be a component of a final lump sum settlement or continued as… Read more