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Why Injured Auto Accident Victims Always Need Legal Counsel for Full Compensation

Filing an injury claim following an auto accident often appears as a simple task that will require no legal assistance when first contacting the respondent insurance company, but this appearance is typically by design. Contact representatives for all insurance companies are well-trained in accepting claims and initially communicating with injured victims. A first discussion with… Read more

Understanding How Comparative Negligence Affects an Auto Accident Injury Claim

All personal injury claims following an auto accident are not necessarily equal when it finally comes down to the amount of damages an injured plaintiff may receive. While passengers in vehicles involved in collisions typically can receive whole damages when enough funds are available, injured plaintiffs who were driving a vehicle will also be assessed… Read more

Understanding Comparative Negligence in Arizona

All states use some form of comparative negligence law when adjudicating auto accident cases. Some accident cases are clear cut cases of full fault by one particular driver in many instances, but the truth is that many accidents also include shared fault to some degree. Injured claimants who were driving a vehicle that was involved… Read more

What are Some of the Grounds for Filing a Medical Malpractice Suit?

People seek medical help because they have an ailment or condition that requires treatment. When those providing the care are negligent in their responsibilities, the impact on patients can be significant. If you believe that the practice or facility providing you with care has failed in some manner, you may have the grounds for filing… Read more

How Long Does It Take To Reach A Personal Injury Settlement In Tempe, AZ?

Negotiating a personal injury settlement takes time, and people often wonder just how much time. As bills pile up and your savings dwindle, you may be wondering if you’re looking at days, weeks, months, or even years before you see a dime from the responsible party. The truth is, how long it takes to reach… Read more

What Counts As Lost Income In A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

When you’re considering a personal injury lawsuit, there are a lot of things that you’ll hear you should sue for: medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, vehicle repairs if an accident caused your injury. Lost income may be one of the most confusing aspects of the monetary recovery in a personal injury lawsuit. Most… Read more

Overview of Punitive Damages in an Arizona Personal Injury Lawsuit

Movies and television can give people an inaccurate impression of the U.S. justice system. This includes leaving people with misperceptions about lawsuits in personal injury cases of different types. Frequently, films and television programs that feature trials associated with personal injuries end with fantastic trials and enormous verdicts in favor of the plaintiff. These huge… Read more

What’s Comparative Fault and What Does it Mean for My Personal Injury Claim?

Sometimes, a personal injury occurs because of the actions of only one party. In many cases, however, more than one person contributes to the events that cause a personal injury. In some cases, even the injured victim may have contributed to the events that caused their injuries with their own negligence. How can multiple parties… Read more

What To Do If You Get in a Truck Accident in Phoenix, AZ

Suffering injuries after a truck accident usually requires a trip to the emergency room. These injuries can be severe, and while you are focused on healing, key evidence at the scene of the accident is disappearing that could be the determining factor as to whether or not you are compensated for those injuries. These are… Read more