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What to Do When You’re Injured in an Automobile Accident in Gilbert, AZ

Being involved in an automobile accident is both physically and mentally traumatic. On one hand, you are suffering with injuries that have you in excruciating pain, and on the other you are worried about how you will be able to earn a living and cover your mounting bills. By reaching out to the local Arizona… Read more

Examining the Common Types of Gilbert Medical Malpractice Cases

Medical malpractice is a broad category of tort law that applies to physician error, negligence, or failures to act. While malpractice comes in many forms, four types are more common: misdiagnosis, birth-related injuries, medication errors, and surgical errors. Per Becker’s Hospital Review, a total of 12,142 malpractice payouts occurred in the United States totaling $3.6… Read more

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How Do Good Samaritan Laws Affect a Tempe Personal Injury Claim?

It is human nature to help those in need. However, many are afraid to help in fear that they could be liable for any injuries they cause during that aid. While a person could inadvertently injure another while helping, failing to help constitutes negligence in some situations. Every state, including Arizona, has a Good Samaritan… Read more

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The Independent Medical Exam and Your Chandler Accident Lawyer’s Case

After a car accident, you will most likely seek medical attention from the hospital or your personal physician. While this information is critical for establishing your injury, it’s unlikely that your doctor is the last medical professional you’ll see. During the personal injury lawsuit process, the insurance company has the right to request their own… Read more

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How Long Does it Take a Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer to Settle?

After a serious accident, a victim is on borrowed time. After all, medical costs are piling up, hours of work are gone, and there is no end in sight for the injuries sustained in the accident. So, it is not unusual for a victim to wonder how long it might take their Phoenix personal injury… Read more

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What a Tempe Car Accident Attorney Recommends for Insurance

Being insured is not a luxury—it is a legal requirement as a motorist in Arizona. Arizona has a mandatory insurance limit. This statute requires that all motor vehicles on the road have a statutory limit of financial responsibility through a proper insurance company. Known as liability insurance, this policy covers the minimum. Per the Arizona… Read more

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Can a Chandler Personal Injury Lawyer Seek Compensation for PTSD?

Motor vehicle accidents are traumatic. When a victim suffers serious injuries, they might become entitled to seek compensation in the form of damages. Arizona statutes do allow victims also to receive compensation for the mental and emotional injuries they suffer, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). While it is allowed, a victim only has two… Read more

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How Delaying Medical Treatment Makes a Gilbert Car Accident Lawyer’s Job Harder

After a car accident, emotions run high. The body’s natural response to trauma is to initiate a flight-or-fight response. In other words, the body releases adrenaline (in the form of endorphins). These natural hormone secretions are designed to protect the body, but they also mask the symptoms of a serious injury. Unfortunately, all too often… Read more

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