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What Damages Can Mesa Wrongful Death Attorneys Get for an Estate?

Wrongful death lawsuits are emotionally and mentally strenuous for the surviving family members. Not only are they coping with the loss of a loved one, but they are enduring the pain of a wrongful death lawsuit. Mesa wrongful death attorneys are a reprieve in these situations. They provide the counsel, experience, and assistance families need… Read more

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10 Reasons Your Case Needs a Mesa Personal Injury Lawyer

Most accident victims do not set out with the intention of suing the person that caused the crash. However, after the medical costs start to pile up, the hours at work dramatically lower their household income, and they can no longer keep up, they consider the option of a lawsuit. Insurance companies try to get… Read more

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An Accident Attorney in Mesa, AZ Weighs in on Accidents and Insurance Rates

After an automobile accident in Arizona, there is a possibility that a driver’s car insurance rates will increase. Luckily, Arizona is one of the few no-fault states. Therefore, a driver has a few options when they need to file a claim after an auto accident. Choosing the right course of action, however, should happen after… Read more

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Apple Liable for Distracted Driving? A Personal Injury Attorney in Phoenix, AZ Weighs In

Apple is facing yet another lawsuit for their advanced technology. In this instance, Apple is being blamed for an automobile accident that caused a child’s death. The at-fault driver was using their iPhone at the time they caused the crash, and the reason Apple is now being sued is that the Cupertino, CA-based company has… Read more

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Attorneys in Phoenix, AZ Answer the Most Common FAQs on Accident Lawsuits

Personal injury attorneys in Phoenix, AZ understand what an accident victim is going through. They are confused, scared, angry, and in pain. They have a lot of questions that are not being immediately answered. Luckily, most of the questions a potential plaintiff has are the same as other plaintiffs enduring an accident lawsuit. For those… Read more

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Disputing Fault in a Phoenix Personal Injury Case

After an accident or other Phoenix personal injury incident, a victim may know that they did not cause the incident. In fact, in some cases, the other driver even admits guilt at the scene. However, once insurance claims adjusters get involved, suddenly the other party is recanting their story or claiming they were not at… Read more

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How a Phoenix Accident Attorney Helps After the Incident

The state of Arizona has seen an increase in the number of fatal accidents on the road, and Phoenix accident attorneys have their hands full. In fact, the statistics provided by the Arizona Department of Transportation have shown 121 more deaths in 2015 than 2014 – approximately 15.6 percent higher. In total, there was also… Read more

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A Phoenix Wrongful Death Attorney Weighs in on the Ghost Ship Deaths

The events in Oakland made national headlines on December 2, 2016. Now, the first set of wrongful death lawsuits has been filed in the case. With 36 total deaths, and numerous injuries, associated with the incident, it is no surprise to Phoenix wrongful death attorneys that a suit has been filed against multiple parties for… Read more

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Common Causes of Morning Commute Accidents – And How Phoenix Lawyers Help

Anyone that deals with the morning commute knows how chaotic it can be, and no one knows it better than Phoenix lawyers practicing personal injury law. From the endless congestion on the highway to aggressive drivers and growing impatient cyclists to the distracted commuters doing everything from eating to drinking coffee to grooming – the… Read more

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Can a Phoenix Wrongful Death Lawyer File Suit Against a Bar?

Losing a loved one to a drunk driver is something that no family should have to experience. While there are strict DUI laws in the state of Arizona, often these neglect to repair the damage done by a drunk driver when it comes to the emotional and financial loss of a loved one. Hiring a… Read more

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