Protect Your Rights After a Car Accident in Phoenix AZ

When you have been injured as a result of another person’s direct actions or negligence, the person will likely take quick action to eliminate or reduce his or her liability. It is important that you say little and absolutely do not sign anything after an injury. In many cases, attorneys and other representatives have even approached people while they are still recovering in the hospital to offer a low ball settlement. It is important that you understand how to handle the process that you will experience. 

If an insurance company is involved, such as after an automobile accident, an insurance adjuster may contact you in order to determine what happened. Most insurance adjusters are professionals who abide by the rules. However, some do whatever it takes to protect their company. In either case, it is the job of an insurance adjuster to settle any claims quickly and for as little as possible. While some companies may make decent offers, it is not in their best interest to offer claimants a large settlement. If you have been injured, you should not negotiate by yourself with the adjuster. 

To protect your rights after an injury, you should hire a car accident attorney in Phoenix that will help you through the process. The negotiation to receive a complete and fair settlement can be lengthy. In fact, delaying a settlement is a tactic many insurance companies use to reduce payouts. However, an experienced attorney from our firm can help you to get results fast. Whether we need to work with an insurance company’s adjuster, negotiate with the company’s attorneys or take the matter to court, we will take the burden off of you and fight for every dollar that you deserve. 

Once you have hired an attorney, no one should contact you directly about any pending litigation or negotiation. It is the job of your attorney to deal with any negotiation or schedule any legal proceeding. However, unscrupulous parties may try to get around your attorney and make direct contact. When someone does contact you, you should refer them to your attorney and say nothing else. Speaking to a responsible party or his or her attorney may compromise your legal standing. 

If you have suffered an injury through an automobile collision or some other event, give our office a call. We can help you to get what you deserve so you can relax and concentrate on recovering from your injury