How to Prepare for Your Legal Consultation After a Car Accident in Phoenix, AZ

Being involved in a car accident is often devastating and traumatic, even if you were not seriously injured or at fault for the accident itself. When you are interested in pursuing the case in a court of law, scheduling a legal consultation is essential. Before heading to your legal consultation there are a few ways to prepare ahead of time to smooth the process while remaining well-informed of your situation. 

Gather Police Reports 

After being involved in a car accident it is imperative to request and gather all police reports that have been filed involving the incident. Visit your local police station to receive copies of the police reports even if the accident that occurred was due to no fault of your own. Police reports help car accident attorneys in Phoenix, AZ learn more about individual cases before filing the necessary paperwork to take your case to court. 

Request Medical Records 

If you or someone in your vehicle was seriously injured during the car accident you were involved in it is important to request all medical records related to the case. Request medical records by visiting the records area of the hospital you visited or by calling local doctors and specialists that were visited after the accident. Medical records provide valuable insight into a case while offering more evidence for your legal counsel to use while in a court of law. 

Insurance Information 

Collect and share all of your insurance information with the legal counsel you are meeting with regarding your accident. If possible, share the insurance information of the other drivers who were also involved in the accident. It is imperative to request insurance details and contact information from other drivers anytime you are involved in an auto accident, regardless of the surrounding circumstances or causes. 

Photographic/Video Evidence 

Take photographic and video evidence immediately after an auto accident if you are not seriously injured or immediately rushed to a hospital. Taking photos and video of your injuries along with the damage your vehicle sustained provides your attorney with additional evidence to use when pursuing your case in court. If possible, obtain video and photographic evidence of other vehicles also involved in the accident while you are on the scene. 

Knowing how to prepare for a legal consultation after a car accident is a way for you to move forward with your case while feeling confident. With the right legal representation, build a case in your favor that is likely to result in the desired outcome.