What Not to Do After a Crash in Phoenix, AZ


car crash phoenix

There are certain steps you can take after a car accident that help you protect your rights when filing a claim. However, you may not know some of the things that you should avoid in the aftermath of a crash that could damage your ability to pursue compensation.

Some actions can sabotage your case completely, resulting in either you losing your ability to get paid for your expenses, or even being blamed for the accident. Here are three things you should avoid doing after car accident.

It’s Never a Good Time to Say “Sorry”

Even if you feel you played a role in causing the accident, and you feel apologetic, don’t say sorry. This is an important one because your statements–whether the insurance company is present or not–are used whenever you file a claim.

The other person involved in the crash with you may inform their insurance company you apologized for the accident. The insurance company, in their ultimate plan of protecting their profits, may try to use your statement as an admission of guilt. The result? They paint a picture that puts you at fault, you lose out on compensation, and your insurance premiums rise.

No Recorded Statements for the Insurance Company

After a claim has been filed, the other driver’s insurance company may reach out to you for a recorded statement. You may think this is just another step in the process. However, the insurance company can use this statement to determine if you contradict your statements at the scene of the accident, giving them ammo to deny your claim.

Post to Social Media? Not Anytime Soon

You may think your social media profiles are private, but there have been many insurance companies and their legal teams who gain access to the information and photos on claimants’ pages. So that photo that you post where it looks like you didn’t just suffer an injury–that’s fair game for an insurance company to use when denying your claim for compensation.

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