3 Pieces of Advice From Your Personal Injury Attorney in Mesa AZ

Whether your injury occurred in the workplace, on the street, or in a store or other space where people gather, the goal of your personal injury attorney in Mesa AZ is to seek reasonable compensation on your behalf. During that process, your attorney will recommend that you conduct yourself in certain ways. Here are three examples of the advice your legal counsel is likely to provide.

1. Timely Communication Matters

Open, honest, and timely communication with your legal counsel is imperative. At times, the defense will forward questions to your attorney that need to be answered promptly. When your attorney asks you to provide more information, do it at once. The same goes if the attorney wants to go over information that you’ve already provided. Remember that your legal counsel is seeking more data in order to provide the best possible representation.

2. Keep Your Attorney Up To Date On Your Medical Status

As the medical treatments for the injury continue, make sure your attorney is kept up to date on your current status. Having that information at hand allows your legal counsel to respond quickly to any queries from the court or the opposing counsel about how your recovery is going. Depending on what’s happening with your health, the attorney may adjust some details of the suit, including asking for more compensation if it appears that you will be partially or completely incapacitated for a longer time than originally expected.

3. Don’t Discuss The Case Particulars With Others

The only person who needs to know everything about the personal injury case is your legal counsel. Choosing to refrain from discussing the case with others is one of the best ways to avoid making off the cuff remarks that could get back to the opposing side. Any information about what you’ve said or did could be used out of context. That could lead to the opposing counsel attempting to transfer all or at least part of the responsibility for the accident to your shoulders.

Whatever advice your personal injury attorney in Mesa AZ provides, take it to heart. Doing so often keeps things simpler and allows you to focus more of your energies of dealing with the aftermath of the injury. You’ll also find that following that advice is likely to help the case move along a little faster and hopefully to a resolution that’s in your favor.