Bikeshare Liability in Mesa, Learn How Our Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

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While ride-share apps remain a popular option across the country, micro mobility companies like Lime and Lyft Bikes have seen some ups and downs. After fierce competition among companies in major markets, many companies have pulled out of the markets they once coveted. For example, Phoenix has seen both e-scooters and dock-less bike programs come and go in recent years. However, some cities like Mesa continue to see dock-less bike companies operate.

One of the major concerns facing these companies are civil liability. Lyft was forced to sideline their fleet in three cities after brake malfunctions led to significant accidents. If you have been injured by a ride share bike, you could have a claim for monetary compensation.

Liability in Bike-share Accidents

The strength of your injury claim following a bike-share accident will depend in part on the nature of the crash. If you were riding the bike and a malfunction caused the accident, you could have a claim against the bike-share company.

However, if you were injured by a person riding one of these bikes, your best chance for compensation might involve filing a lawsuit against the rider. You might be surprised to know that some insurance policies cover not only motor vehicles but also accidents involving bicycles. It is possible that the person that injured you in a bike crash could have insurance coverage.

How a Mesa Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

Our experienced personal injury attorney could help you pursue a claim on the at-fault cyclist’s policy. The help of our experienced personal injury lawyer could be crucial to the success of your claim. While a policy might be available, most insurers will take every measure possible to avoid paying out on a claim.

Our accident attorney could assist you in taking on both the negligent driver and their insurance company. If successful, they could recover compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages.