What To Do If You Get in a Truck Accident in Phoenix, AZ

truck accident

Suffering injuries after a truck accident usually requires a trip to the emergency room. These injuries can be severe, and while you are focused on healing, key evidence at the scene of the accident is disappearing that could be the determining factor as to whether or not you are compensated for those injuries. These are a few reasons to reach out to the Tobler Law Firm immediately so a personal injury attorney can get working on your case.

Gathering Key Accident Evidence
In most accidents involving trucks, those companies have crews that rush to the scene as quickly as possible to clean up as much of the evidence before an attorney has a chance to analyze the details. At Tobler Law, the minute you make the call, a team of skilled accident investigators will be on the way to the scene to collect key information, take pictures, make videos, and speak with any witnesses who saw what happened during the accident.

Getting the Best Medical Treatment
Regardless what happens at the hospital, your personal injury attorney is making appointments for you to meet with the best physicians related to your injuries. These doctors will carefully analyze your injuries, treat those injuries, and get you on a physical therapy plan that will help reduce the discomfort you are feeling. These experts are highly regarded by the courts, and they will provide the court either a written or videotape testimony as to their professional opinion about how this injury will impact you well into your later years. In court, the testimony of these doctors can often persuade a judge or jury to award the injured to full settlement price.

Putting a Price on Your Injuries
Once the insurance company realizes you are working with Tobler Law, they are going to scramble to get you an offer to close the case. Many people have never seen that kind of money before, and usually accept the offer not realizing it is a fraction of what they could have received had the case gone to trial. Your Tobler Law personal injury lawyer will determine how the injury affects you today, tomorrow, and well into your later years, demanding adequate compensation to cover your inability to work and to cover your extended medical bills.

If you have been injured after a crash with a truck, know that local residents for 25 years have been trusting Tobler Law has in Arizona to be their aggressive representation in a variety of personal injury suits.