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5 Phoenix Car Accident Attorney Stereotypes That Aren’t Always True

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Anyone that has experience working with a Phoenix car accident attorney has likely heard the notorious lawyer jokes. These stem from stereotypes about personal injury attorneys, and many of these assumptions are highly inaccurate. Typically, the stereotypes come from movies or a select number of attorneys that have tarnished the reputation of lawyers in the… Read more

6 Key Facts to Know About Your Personal Injury Attorney in Phoenix

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After someone is injured because of someone else’s negligence, it’s possible their lives will change forever – especially if the injured party is experiencing pain, or requires numerous medical appointments, or begins to realize the extent of the financial burden serious injuries can result in. No one immediately thinks after an injury that they will… Read more

Will Negligence Be An Issue In Your Personal Injury Claim?

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Negligence is a complex issue that is the basis for all personal injury claims. When one is injured, they turn to the assistance of a personal injury attorney in Mesa AZ to help establish negligence through a preponderance of the evidence. Negligence, as defined by Cornell University Law School, is the failure to behave with… Read more