6 Key Facts to Know About Your Personal Injury Attorney in Phoenix

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After someone is injured because of someone else’s negligence, it’s possible their lives will change forever – especially if the injured party is experiencing pain, or requires numerous medical appointments, or begins to realize the extent of the financial burden serious injuries can result in.

No one immediately thinks after an injury that they will sue, nor do they immediately think of contacting a personal injury attorney in Phoenix.

However, after weeks of recovery or finding out that a person could miss months of work (or never return at all), the idea of filing a personal injury suit does come up.

Under Arizona laws, a person has the right to obtain compensation after personal and financial damages they experience due to someone’s negligent acts. When considering a lawsuit, it is important to gather the facts about not only the process but the attorneys handling the complicated legal matter ahead.

6 Key Facts to Know About a Personal Injury Attorney in Phoenix

1. Personal Injury Attorneys Handle More Car Accident Claims than Others

The number of accidents in the country is staggering, and they tend to increase annually.

Per the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Arizona alone suffered 810 fatal car accidents and experienced 893 deaths in 2015. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that the country suffers an annual number of 33,804 deaths per year from car accidents.

When it comes to injuries, there are an estimated 6,700 people injured per day in the United States from auto accidents as of 2015, says the Insurance Information Institute.

With such a large volume of accidents, deaths, and injuries, it should be no surprise that motor vehicle accident claims are by far the more popular claim filed by a personal injury attorney.

2. Insurance Companies are Not on a Victim’s Side, Which is Why an Attorney is Needed

Insurance companies are businesses; therefore, they work to preserve their cash reserves. They will attempt to settle with a victim before they have time to consult with a lawyer. They may even offer a cash settlement that seems more than reasonable. However, they prefer to work the system and make victims assume that there is no such thing as a better offer out there.

A single consultation with a personal injury attorney in Phoenix could easily show how little the insurance company was offering.

3. Experienced Attorneys Make a Big Difference

While there are a plethora of accident attorneys, not all of them specialize in personal injury alone. Some also integrate family law and criminal defense; therefore, their staff is too busy with a high volume of cases to stay apprised of the latest case law and changes.

An attorney with above-average experience in personal injury law, especially the type of claim a victim needs to file (i.e. slip and fall, motor vehicle accident, and more), will often yield a higher settlement and produce results quicker.

4. Even a Great Attorney Will Tell their Client the Process Takes Time

Most cases do not settle immediately; unless the plaintiff has a massive amount of evidence. Typically, the negotiations and the entire process will take a few weeks to a few years. While most settle under the one-year mark, it is important to have a conversation with the personal injury attorney and see the realistic estimate as to how long the case might take.

5. Personal Injury Attorneys Tailor their Work to Each Case

No two personal injury claims are the same. Even if the accident and circumstances are shockingly similar, they are still different in terms of settlement, injuries, and process. A personal injury attorney in Phoenix will assess the facts of the case and design an approach that is tailor-made for their client’s best interests and only that client.

6. A Personal Injury Attorney in Phoenix Does Not Require Upfront Payment

Most people assume that they cannot afford to hire a personal injury attorney; therefore, they try to make a settlement with the insurance company on their own.

However, most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. This means that the attorney is not paid unless they get a settlement. After the settlement is received for the client, the lawyer will take a percentage of that to cover expenses and their fee. The rest is given to the plaintiff.

A careful consideration of the case is required. This helps the attorney determine if the case is viable and if they are going to win. Then, the attorney will get to work without the need for a retainer or any upfront payment for their services.

Speak with a Personal Injury Attorney in Phoenix Who Will be a Victim Advocate

It is best to hire an attorney that works as an advocate.  They aggressively work for their client’s right to retrieve compensation, and they make sure that all their customer’s costs are covered, including future medical expenses that will continue to plague the victim and their family.

Tobler Law understands what accident victims face because they have handled hundreds of cases just like it.

After an accident, speak with a skilled personal injury attorney that is dedicated to positive results.

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