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Examining the Common Types of Gilbert Medical Malpractice Cases

Gilbert medical malpractice

Medical malpractice is a broad category of tort law that applies to physician error, negligence, or failures to act. While malpractice comes in many forms, four types are more common: misdiagnosis, birth-related injuries, medication errors, and surgical errors. Per Becker’s Hospital Review, a total of 12,142 malpractice payouts occurred in the United States totaling $3.6… Read more

What a Tempe Car Accident Attorney Recommends for Insurance

Tempe car accident attorney

Being insured is not a luxury—it is a legal requirement as a motorist in Arizona. Arizona has a mandatory insurance limit. This statute requires that all motor vehicles on the road have a statutory limit of financial responsibility through a proper insurance company. Known as liability insurance, this policy covers the minimum. Per the Arizona… Read more

Can a Chandler Personal Injury Lawyer Seek Compensation for PTSD?

Chandler personal injury lawyer

Motor vehicle accidents are traumatic. When a victim suffers serious injuries, they might become entitled to seek compensation in the form of damages. Arizona statutes do allow victims also to receive compensation for the mental and emotional injuries they suffer, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). While it is allowed, a victim only has two… Read more

5 Phoenix Car Accident Attorney Stereotypes That Aren’t Always True

Phoenix car accident attorney

Anyone that has experience working with a Phoenix car accident attorney has likely heard the notorious lawyer jokes. These stem from stereotypes about personal injury attorneys, and many of these assumptions are highly inaccurate. Typically, the stereotypes come from movies or a select number of attorneys that have tarnished the reputation of lawyers in the… Read more

A Gilbert Personal Injury Attorney Explains Pedestrian Rights

Gilbert personal injury

Arizona boasts a group of highly active residents. Many will bike or walk to work, the store, and just around town. To protect pedestrians, Arizona has created various statutes that outline not only a pedestrian’s rights but how vehicles are to treat pedestrians when sharing the roads. Anyone injured by a vehicle while walking on… Read more