5 Phoenix Car Accident Attorney Stereotypes That Aren’t Always True

Phoenix car accident attorney

Anyone that has experience working with a Phoenix car accident attorney has likely heard the notorious lawyer jokes.

These stem from stereotypes about personal injury attorneys, and many of these assumptions are highly inaccurate.

Typically, the stereotypes come from movies or a select number of attorneys that have tarnished the reputation of lawyers in the field. Personal injury law often is often viewed negatively in the public’s eye, but it doesn’t deserve this unsavory reputation.

5 Stereotypes Circulating about Phoenix Car Accident Attorneys

1. All Phoenix Car Accident Attorneys are “Ambulance Chasers”

It would be interesting if there were a literal truth to that term. In this stereotype, an attorney sees an accident and follows the ambulance to the hospital to speak with the victim. However, that is not the case.

Most respectable attorneys do not approach you—instead, they wait for you to come to them. Furthermore, they are not there to make a quick dollar off you. They are there to help you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

2. A Personal Injury Attorney Uses Shady Practices to Win

The use of unethical practices is a misconception that is entirely false. An attorney is required to abide by the statute as well as their ethical code detailed by the American Bar Association. These regulations are specific about acceptable and punishable conduct.

An attorney that is “shady” or uses unethical practices can lose his or her license and never practice again.

3. A Phoenix Car Accident Attorney is in it for the Money

While an attorney takes a percentage of your compensation, the costs to file a claim and investigate that case leaves the attorney with less profit than one might realize.

Also, an attorney typically works more than the average 40-hour work week. Some will double the hours, work weekends, and during holidays.

4. A Personal Injury Attorney Will Lie about Injuries to Win Compensation

Again, attorneys follow a code of strict ethics (referred to as the truthfulness in statements requirement by the ABA).

An attorney will never lie. They do, however, use evidence and their knowledge of case law to help their clients receive compensation.

5. A Personal Injury Attorney Preys on an Accident Victim

Victims find lawyers—not the other way around. Clients seek out a local car accident attorney when they need compensation, and the attorney helps them. However, this stereotype cycles around because those that need a personal injury attorney are at a bad time in their life.

However, personal injury attorneys are highly compassionate, and they are advocates for their clients. They fight for a client’s right to compensation, work hard, and ensure clients are not facing financial hardship.

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