Common Injuries a Gilbert Personal Injury Attorney Sees Over Spring Break

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Spring break is a time when the schools are out, students travel to other states or just stay in Arizona to enjoy the great weather.

While it is a time of celebration and fun, it is also a time of heightened injuries. Therefore, anyone out enjoying spring break must be aware of these common injuries, and what their options are if they become a victim of someone’s negligence over spring break.

Common Spring Break Injuries and How a Gilbert Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

1. Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk driving instances are common around spring break, especially during spring break events. Multiple hotels and even ASU offer spring break activities, fraternities host spring break celebrations, and concerts in the park drawn in large crowds.

Anyone participating in these events and consuming alcohol should not operate a vehicle.

2. Slip and Fall Incidents

The warmer temperatures in Gilbert, Arizona bring rise to pool parties and outdoor activities. Anyone hosting a party at their residence must ensure that home is safe for their invitees. That means ensuring decks around pools are not slippery, removing hazards, and more.

Homeowners and business owners are upheld to a higher standard of care, especially when inviting people onto their property. If someone is injured from a slip and fall, trip, or another hazard that could be prevented, that owner is liable for his or her injuries.

3. Infection or Injury from Tattoo Shops

Tattoos tend to be something that a college student on spring break will come home with, and while they are relatively safe, accidents and errors can happen. A person could suffer from an infection of the tattoo site or an injury from negligent tattoo artists. While legal remedies cannot help a bad tattoo choice, they are there for when an act of negligence causes injury.

4. Injury While Visiting the State of Arizona

Arizona brings in many visitors during spring break, and when an out-of-state resident is injured here, the process of seeking compensation becomes more difficult. It is best to retain the services of a Gilbert personal injury lawyer because that attorney understands the requirements for filing a suit, and what rights visitors have when seeking compensation.

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