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What a Tempe Car Accident Attorney Recommends for Insurance

Tempe car accident attorney

Being insured is not a luxury—it is a legal requirement as a motorist in Arizona. Arizona has a mandatory insurance limit. This statute requires that all motor vehicles on the road have a statutory limit of financial responsibility through a proper insurance company. Known as liability insurance, this policy covers the minimum. Per the Arizona… Read more

Accident Caused by Eating and Driving? A Personal Injury Lawyer in Gilbert, Arizona Can Help

personal injury lawyer

Distracted driving-related motor vehicle accidents are growing in number. In 2014 alone, more than 3,179 people were killed and there were 431,000 injuries related to distracted driving incidents on United States roads. It is not just texting and talking on phones that cause these accidents, either. In fact,  highlights that eating and drinking are… Read more

10 Reasons Your Case Needs a Mesa Personal Injury Lawyer

mesa personal injury lawyer

Most accident victims do not set out with the intention of suing the person that caused the crash. However, after the medical costs start to pile up, the hours at work dramatically lower their household income, and they can no longer keep up, they consider the option of a lawsuit. Insurance companies try to get… Read more

How a Phoenix Accident Attorney Helps After the Incident

Phoenix accident attorney

The state of Arizona has seen an increase in the number of fatal accidents on the road, and Phoenix accident attorneys have their hands full. In fact, the statistics provided by the Arizona Department of Transportation have shown 121 more deaths in 2015 than 2014 – approximately 15.6 percent higher. In total, there was also… Read more