Top Reckless Behaviors that Mesa Law Firms Can Get Compensation For

Human beings can be reckless.

And while nobody’s going to question that statement of fact, it’s also true that certain reckless behaviors are more likely to end up causing serious injury than others. Most of which are done behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

Mesa law firms can help victims of reckless actions. When a person is injured because of the reckless and negligent behavior of another, they are entitled to collect compensation for their injuries.

9 of the Most Dangerous Things People Do

1. Driving While Under the Influence of Alcohol

Drivers know that they are not supposed to drink and drive. Despite harsher penalties for doing so, drivers continue to do so.

It’s a well-known fact that drinking impacts a person’s ability to drive, and even affect reaction times.

Per the CDC, drugs account for 16 percent of motor vehicle crashes in the United States, while 1.1 million drivers were arrested in 2014 for driving while under the influence. Sadly, 9,967 people were killed in drunken driving accidents, which took up one-third of the traffic-related fatalities in the country.

2. Driving While Drowsy

Drowsy driving is equally dangerous. In fact, it is just as dangerous as drunken driving. When a person does not get sleep, they will have slowed reaction times on the road, and they could even fall asleep at the wheel.

Most drowsy driving incidents are single-vehicle accidents, but there are still many losses and injuries that could be presented just by having adequate sleep each night.

3. Speeding

Posted speed limits are there for a reason: to protect people on the roads. That is why the state has slower speed limits in residential areas and faster ones on the highway. However, people still choose to disobey the posted speed limit signs and drive faster – sometimes going 20 to 40 miles per hour over the speed limit for the street.

Per the IIHS, 2015 saw 9,557 speeding-related accident fatalities. A clear majority of these were not on the interstate; instead, they were on side roads and other types of major roadways.

4. Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a common reason that a Mesa law firm must step in and advocate for a victim. Distracted driving is not as easy to prove as drunken driving or drugged driving because there is no test to tell if someone was distracted.

However, distracted driving is a concern in the United States, and drivers that choose to take their eyes off the road are liable for the injuries and damages they cause.

5. Ignoring the Weather Conditions

When weather reduces visibility, a person is supposed to slow down and drive appropriately based on the conditions. However, most drivers will ignore the weather and road conditions and continue to drive at the speed limit or even exceed the speed limit.

Per the Federal Highway Administration, 24 percent of accidents are weather-related. These weather incidents include precipitation, the wind, fog, icy pavement, and more.

6. Trying to Draft a Tractor Trailer

Movies have made it seem as though anyone can go “Fast and Furious” on the highway. However, a person should never draft a semi-truck. While drafting works in NASCAR, that is a closed circuit of vehicles specifically designed for drafting.

Following a semi-truck too closely is extremely dangerous. Not only is the vehicle no longer in the truck driver’s field of vision, but the reaction time for the driver drafting that truck is significantly reduced. If that driver were to brake suddenly, the vehicle drafting is likely to rear-end the truck.

7. Reckless Driving Behaviors

Reckless driving can cause a motor vehicle accident, and it is a form of negligent driving that a Mesa law firm will seek compensatory and possibly punitive damages for. Reckless driving is never acceptable, and a person could face criminal charges if they cause an accident due to reckless actions.

Sometimes, driving over the speed limit by a specified amount is considered reckless driving too. Therefore, it is best if drivers just follow the rules of the road.

8. Not Maintaining a Vehicle

Vehicle maintenance is not optional. Instead, vehicle maintenance is a necessity for a safe vehicle. Car part failures that are outside of the manufacturer’s liability fall to the vehicle’s owner.  For example, an owner that knows their brake pads are failing, but ignores them and chooses to drive and cause an accident.

9. Ignoring Red Lights and Stop Signs

Everyone these days is in a hurry. Regardless of how quickly one needs to make an appointment or get to work, it is not worth running red lights and stop signs to do so. When a person runs a red light, or stop sign, they run the risk of causing a side-impact collision, which could lead to a roadway fatality.

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