10 Reasons Your Case Needs a Mesa Personal Injury Lawyer

mesa personal injury lawyer

Most accident victims do not set out with the intention of suing the person that caused the crash.

However, after the medical costs start to pile up, the hours at work dramatically lower their household income, and they can no longer keep up, they consider the option of a lawsuit.

Insurance companies try to get their hands on a victim before they have the chance to consult with a Mesa personal injury lawyer. They will even offer what seems like a generous settlement, but in reality, it is much less than a victim deserves.

While a personal injury attorney does cost money, a victim does not pay their attorney unless they win the case.

Accidents in Arizona

Accidents are extremely common in Arizona.

In fact, there were 116,609 motor vehicle accidents in Arizona in 2015 per Arizona Department of Transportation. Approximately 36,139 included injuries and the most common causes were speeding and rear-end collisions, both of which are offenses that qualify for a negligence-based lawsuit.

With over 300 accidents occurring each day in the state, there may come a time a person finds themselves in the middle of recovering from a motor vehicle accident. Therefore, it is important that they understand the importance of contacting an attorney.

10 Ways a Case Benefits from a Mesa Personal Injury Lawyer

1. A Personal Injury Attorney Yields a Higher Settlement

In a consumer panel survey conducted by the Insurance Research Council, it was found that compensation is 3.5 times higher for victims with a personal injury attorney than those who settle without one. Out of the victims who received compensation, approximately 85 percent had attorneys – meaning a victim’s chances of settling without a lawyer are not as high.

2. An Attorney Knows the Value of a Case

Accident victims do not know how to calculate a personal injury settlement. While the victim may have the costs of medical treatment they have received and personal property damage, an attorney knows how to calculate for future medical expenses as well as the multipliers necessary for pain and suffering. An accurate calculation is critical, especially for victims with long-term injuries.

3. A Mesa Personal Injury Lawyer Looks After Their Client’s Best Interest

An attorney is an advocate for an accident victim. They are there to ensure that their client receives compensation, but also that the process is quick, simple, and pain-free. They let their clients focus on getting better while they handle the courts, paperwork, and more.

4. An Attorney is Not Paid Unless They Win

Personal injury advocates work on a contingency basis. Therefore, a victim does not pay their attorney until they have received a settlement. Attorneys do this so that there is no excess financial burden on their clients, but they still receive the representation they deserve.

5. An Attorney Gets through the Red Tape

The process of filing a claim or filing a personal injury lawsuit involves deadlines, procedures, and terminology that a layperson does not know. An experienced personal injury lawyer in Mesa can navigate through the sea of endless paperwork, follow all necessary procedures, and take the burden off their client’s shoulders so that they can focus on recovery.

6. Attorneys Have Access to Investigators

Typically, a personal injury lawyer has a team of in-house professionals or contractors they use to investigate a case. They can gather evidence that strengthens the claim and ensures that their client receives top compensation.

7. Personal Injury Attorneys are Objective

A victim cannot separate the anger, frustration, and fears they have about their situation. An attorney, on the other hand, is not emotionally tied to the case. Therefore, they offer objectivity and ensure that their clients do not make rash decisions.

8. A Lawyer Has Experience Handling Insurance Companies

A Mesa personal injury lawyer has years of experience handling insurance companies, including difficult claims adjusters. They know what steps to take to get them to settle, and what factors insurance companies try to use against the victim to lower the settlement.

9. A Lawyer is Always Prepared for Trial

When insurance companies refuse to settle, an attorney must file an official lawsuit against that insurance company. While most lawsuits settle out of court, if the case proceeds to trial, an attorney is prepared, understands the procedure, and can represent their client efficiently.

10. Insurance Companies Take Negotiations with Attorneys Seriously

An insurance company knows that if they refuse to settle or continue to offer unreasonable settlements, an attorney can file an official lawsuit and take the case to court. Therefore, insurance claims adjusters are more likely to take settlement talks seriously with a lawyer involved.

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