I Slipped And Fell Inside A Phoenix Store–Can I Sue?

When you go shopping for groceries or other items, you only expect to get what you need and go home. Unfortunately, many of these trips wind up with shoppers spending time in an ER with serious injuries after slipping and falling inside the store. Should this happen to you, expect the store and its insurance company to do all they can to blame you for the accident. Rather than wind up facing financial problems due to medical bills and lost income, talk to us at Tobler Law about filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Negligence and Carelessness
In almost all slip and fall accidents, victims suffer their injuries due to the negligence and carelessness of store employees. Time after time, spills in aisles fail to get cleaned up in a prompt fashion, employees don’t place warning signs nearby alerting shoppers of a wet floor, or merchandise and other items may be left in an aisle, resulting in shoppers tripping and falling. Yet no matter what circumstances surrounded your accident, it is important to hold those responsible accountable for their actions, which is why you should rely on experienced professionals at Tobler Law.

Suing for Damages
While the store and its insurer may try to claim the accident was your fault or that you suffered no serious injuries from the accident, the fact is most slip and fall accidents result in very serious injuries for victims. The most common injuries in these accidents include broken bones, severe concussions and brain injuries, lacerations, herniated discs or other back injuries, and in some cases internal bleeding. Since these injuries will require you to miss significant time from work and endure one medical appointment after another, you will need to be compensated for your lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Whether your accident took place in a local Phoenix business or one that is part of a large international corporation, don’t let yourself be intimidated into not gaining the financial compensation you need and deserve. Instead, schedule a consultation immediately with personal injury experts you can trust here at Tobler Law.