How Can I Get Compensation After My Mesa Car Accident?

In the aftermath of your car accident that has left you seriously injured, you are wondering what your medical and financial future have in store in the coming months. Since you will have numerous medical appointments ahead of you, returning to work anytime soon is out of the question. Because of this, substantial compensation will be needed to help you pay medical bills and replace your lost wages. As to how you can gain this much-needed compensation, follow these steps as your case progresses.

Don’t Trust the Insurance Company
To start with, don’t trust the insurance company to help you through your ordeal. While they may contact you and want to discuss the accident in more detail, be wary of what you say. Should you say the wrong thing, the insurer will deny your claim by stating they do not believe you were seriously injured in the crash. Also, if the company suddenly offers you a quick settlement, never accept it without first speaking to your attorney. More than likely, the amount of money offered will not sufficiently cover your medical bills and lost income.

Let Your Attorney Negotiate
Since most personal injury cases are settled out-of-court, be patient and let your attorney negotiate a settlement that will give you the maximum compensation you need to fully recover from your accident. By letting your attorney build a strong case based on the evidence, they can put enough pressure on the insurance company to make them want to settle the case as quickly as possible.

Always Get Medical Treatment
To give yourself the best chance of being compensated after your car accident, always make sure you get medical treatment immediately following your accident. By getting your injuries treated both at the accident scene and later on at a hospital, your injuries can be documented into your medical records, making it much more difficult for an insurance company to deny your claim.

Rather than try to manage the many complexities that will come your way after your car accident, schedule a consultation today with experienced and trusted Car Accident Attorneys in Mesa, AZ at Tobler Law.