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Lawyer As Peacemaker

As a personal injury lawyer, representing injured clients against large insurance companies, my days are often filled with conflict.  I butt heads with insurance adjusters and defense lawyers, who seem to only desire to retain every possible penny for the bloated corporations they represent.  For example, just this month one adjuster suggested that my five… Read more

Glad For Lawsuits

The recent Toyota debacle has reminded me that I’m glad I live in a litigious society.  As a college student, I interned in Japan and toured a Toyota manufacturing facility.  I was so impressed with its high standards.  Quality. Safety.  Those were words associated with this gold standard company. Yet clearly with time, those standards… Read more

What To Do Before An Accident

As a personal injury attorney, I’m always telling injured clients what to do after they have been in an accident. But there are also some very important things that everyone can do before they are in an accident to better protect themselves and their loved ones. 1. Get good auto insurance: In Arizona, the law… Read more