Mesa Doctor Fail To Properly Diagnose Your Cancer?

Unfortunately, many people throughout the U.S. die of cancer each day. However, what makes this more unfortunate is that many of these people could have lived years longer if they had been properly diagnosed by doctors whom they trusted. From breast and prostate cancer to lung and colon cancer, these and other types of cancer go undetected by doctors each year until it’s too late for victims. If a Mesa doctor failed to properly diagnose your cancer, speak to an attorney here at Tobler Law.

Failing to Perform Diagnostic Tests
When you go to a doctor and tell them the symptoms you are experiencing, you trust they will use their years of medical training and experience to take your concerns into account and order various diagnostic tests. However, this does not always happen. Time after time, a doctor will simply dismiss a patient’s concerns as nothing to worry about. But in doing so, they are allowing the patient’s cancer to spread throughout their body, ultimately resulting in it not being diagnosed until the situation is terminal.

Improper Medical Exams
Along with simply dismissing a patient’s concerns regarding various symptoms they are experiencing, many doctors will fail to perform a proper medical exam that could help them discover the presence of cancer. Since many doctors today are overbooking patients, they spend less and less time with each patient in an attempt to see as many as possible each day. As a result, they may either rush through exams or jump to conclusions and move on to their next patient. If this has happened to you and you are now facing the fight of your life against cancer, speak to us immediately here at Tobler Law.

While cancer can be a hard disease to detect at times, doctors do have the training and tools available to do so. Thus, when a patient’s cancer goes undetected, chances are a doctor was negligent or careless along the way. If you believe you may have a medical malpractice case against your cancer doctor, hold them accountable by consulting with us today here at Tobler Law.