Slip And Fall While Shopping In Phoenix? Talk To An Attorney

If you were walking down a store aisle in Phoenix and suddenly found yourself flat on your back after slipping and falling, it will be imperative you speak to a qualified personal injury attorney as soon as you can. More than likely, your accident was caused by the negligence of store employees who failed to clean up a spill or did not place warning signs nearby to warn customers of a slick floor. Unfortunately, you may now be dealing with back injuries, broken bones, or other medical problems, all of which should result in you being compensated for your damages.

Receiving Medical Treatment
While still at the store, always make sure you begin the process of receiving medical treatment. Since you don’t know the extent of your injuries, it is best to have paramedics called to the scene to treat you and take you to a hospital if necessary.

Don’t Trust the Store
When these accidents occur, many businesses will do all they can to discredit the victim and blame them for the accident. Therefore, don’t make the mistake of assuming the store manager and others will want to help you be compensated for your injuries.

Watch What You Say
No matter what has transpired at the accident scene, do not under any circumstances start saying such things as “I’m sorry” or “I’m fine” to store personnel, paramedics, or anyone else. If you do, they will take this to mean you either admitted fault for the accident or said you were not seriously injured following your accident. Instead, stick only to the facts of what happened and plan on consulting soon with an attorney here at Tobler Law.

Since you now need substantial financial compensation to pay your medical bills, replace the paychecks you are losing from not being able to work, and for the pain and suffering you are enduring day and night, schedule a consultation with a personal injury attorney here at Tobler Law. By discussing your situation in greater detail with us, you can receive expert advice on how to move forward and ultimately win your case.