My Cancer Was Misdiagnosed–Can I Sue My Tempe Doctor?

When a cancer diagnosis is made, it can be devastating for both the patient and their family. However, thanks to advances in treating various types of cancer, a diagnosis that is made accurately and early can lead to treatment that is quite effective, giving a person many more years to live. Unfortunately, many doctors fail to properly diagnose many types of cancer, including colon, breast, prostate, and others. If your cancer was misdiagnosed by your Tempe doctor, turn to medical malpractice lawyers at Tobler Law who specialize in medical malpractice cases such as these.

Failing to Run Tests
In many situations where cancer is misdiagnosed, it is due to a doctor failing to order certain tests be conducted on a patient. Even if you explicitly informed your doctor of your symptoms and suggested you might have cancer, your doctor may have ignored your concerns and simply brushed it off as something routine. When this occurs, precious time is lost until the proper diagnosis is made, which is often done far too late.

Suing for Malpractice
If you believe your doctor failed to take the necessary steps to properly diagnose your cancer, you should always consult with an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss suing for medical malpractice. While these cases are complex, they are very winnable under the right circumstances. Since you and your attorney will need to show the doctor was negligent in their actions and that their failure to enact a proper diagnosis did in fact result in your cancer worsening, be prepared to work closely with your attorney to gather the evidence needed to win your case.

Misdiagnosis is Common
Incredibly, it is conservatively estimated that doctors misdiagnose at least 12% of all cancer cases, with the actual number likely being much higher. Thus, if your doctor brushed off your concerns and has now left you facing grueling cancer treatments and an uncertain future, hire a skilled medical malpractice attorney at once.

Since you and your family deserve to be compensated for the gross negligence and carelessness of a doctor you trusted, schedule a consultation today with Tobler Law.