What Mistakes Can Impact My Phoenix Personal Injury Case?

When you file a personal injury lawsuit following a car accident or other serious accident that has left you with serious injuries, the goal of you and your attorney is to get maximum compensation for your injuries. However, while your case plays out, it is crucial you not make critical mistakes that could leave you with little if any compensation after your accident. If you want to ensure all goes well, avoid these mistakes made in personal injury cases and hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Phoenix like Tobler Law.

Never Admit Fault
No matter the circumstances surrounding your accident, never say anything that leads others to believe you have admitted fault for the accident. Whether speaking to police at the accident scene, getting eyewitness statements, or even when you are in the emergency room receiving medical treatment, saying something as simple as “I’m sorry” can be construed as you admitting you caused the accident.

Accepting a Quick Insurance Settlement
Following your accident, it is likely an insurance company will contact you and offer you a quick financial settlement. Though this sounds like your problems are solved, they are not. To begin with, accepting a settlement will result in you forfeiting your ability to pursue a personal injury case. Also, the amount offered you will be substantially less than what you will need to cover your medical bills, replace your lost wages, and cover other damages.

Not Getting Medical Treatment
No matter what type of accident has taken place, never refuse medical treatment or delay seeking medical treatment. Should you do either of these, the insurance company will be able to claim your injuries were not serious or were not caused by the accident itself. By getting medical treatment at the accident scene, allowing yourself to be transported to an ER for additional evaluation, and keeping any follow-up appointments afterwards, you set the stage for your lawyer to negotiate an out-of-court settlement that will provide you the compensation you need.

Rather than make these mistakes and cost yourself substantial compensation after your accident, receive expert legal guidance as soon as possible. To do so, schedule a consultation today with Tobler Law.