How Strict Liability Will Impact Your Dog Bite Case

If you happen to be at a friend’s house or at a park in Phoenix, you may find yourself reaching to pet a dog. However, if the unexpected happens and the dog bites you, serious injuries will likely be the result. While the dog’s owner may tell you they are sorry and that the dog has no prior history of being vicious, don’t assume you have no legal recourse in the matter. Instead, speak to a dog bite personal injury attorney in Phoenix, AZ and learn about strict liability.

What is Strict Liability?
In Arizona, strict liability always applies to dog bite cases. Based on state law, strict liability means that a dog’s owner is automatically held responsible for their dog’s actions. As a result, should you decide to pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the dog’s owner, your attorney will not need to prove negligence on the part of the dog owner for you to have a viable case.

Can I be Compensated for Damages?
Most definitely. In almost any dog bite case, the victim suffers serious injuries that impact them for many months or even longer. The most common injuries in these situations are to one’s hands, wrists, and arms, with significant muscle, tendon, and ligament damage occurring. Since surgery and extensive physical therapy will be needed following such an injury, you will require the maximum amount of compensation you can get, which is why you need an experienced personal injury attorney on your side.

Medical Bills and Lost Income
As to the damages for which you can be compensated, the two that take top priority are your medical bills and replacing lost income from your job. In addition, your lawyer can also seek compensation for your pain and suffering, counseling you have undergone due to the traumatic nature of your accident, and any future medical treatment you may need.

If you suffered a serious dog bite and are now trying to move forward despite high medical bills and a lack of paychecks from your job, schedule a consultation today with Tobler Law to learn how you can gain compensation following your accident.