Medical Malpractice Lead To A Birth Injury in Mesa, AZ?

When your baby is born, it is supposed to be one of the happiest moments of your life. However, this can all change in an instant if the doctor in charge of the delivery commits medical malpractice. Though most babies are delivered successfully, many mothers are left wondering what may have been after their baby is born. When a doctor fails to follow proper procedures during a birth, babies can suffer brain injuries and other physical injuries that impact them and their families forever. If you believe a doctor’s negligence and carelessness led to your baby’s birth injury, contact us here at Tobler Law.

Failing to Plan for a C-Section
If your doctor failed to properly plan ahead for a possible C-section, your baby likely suffered oxygen deprivation to its brain, leading to brain damage. Even if a birth is expected to go as planned, doctors are always expected to have an emergency plan in place should something suddenly go wrong.

Misdiagnosing Conditions During Pregnancy
Since you had many appointments with your doctor prior to your baby’s birth, the doctor had numerous opportunities to run a variety of tests, speak to you, and perform other procedures that should have allowed them to know exactly what was happening with your pregnancy. However, if your doctor failed to properly address such conditions as high blood pressure, swelling, or the onset of gestational diabetes prior to you giving birth, this likely led to any complications your baby is now experiencing.

Misusing Medical Instruments during Delivery
Though many different types of instruments are used in delivering a baby, the doctor is expected to have a complete understanding of how each instrument should or should not be used. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. As a result, babies can suffer nerve damage, broken bones, and other issues that can sometimes result in them having cerebral palsy.

Since doctors will do everything possible to deny they committed medical malpractice, don’t take chances by trusting your case to an attorney who rarely handles such cases. Instead, schedule a consultation today with us here at Tobler Law.