How Delaying Medical Treatment Makes a Gilbert Car Accident Lawyer’s Job Harder

Gilbert car accident lawyer

After a car accident, emotions run high.

The body’s natural response to trauma is to initiate a flight-or-fight response.

In other words, the body releases adrenaline (in the form of endorphins).

These natural hormone secretions are designed to protect the body, but they also mask the symptoms of a serious injury.

Unfortunately, all too often accident victims assume they are fine after their accident. As a result, they fail to seek medical treatment. Sadly, the next day or even that evening, the real injuries rear their ugly heads.

Does Delaying Medical Treatment Make It Impossible to Seek Compensation?

If a victim does not receive medical care right away, they might wonder if that affects their ability to file a claim and collect compensation.

A Gilbert car accident lawyer may face arguments from the insurance company or defense stating that if the injuries were indeed serious, the plaintiff would have sought treatment right away. Also, the defense might argue that the victim did not take steps to mitigate further damages.

For example, a victim has internal bleeding. Instead of accepting ambulance transportation to the emergency room, they go home. In the middle of the night, they awake to pain, swelling, and symptoms of low blood pressure. By the time they are admitted, their injuries have gone from serious to catastrophic.

In this case, had the victim received prompt medical care, they wouldn’t have required as many surgeries or blood transfusions. So, the defense might argue that some of the costs requested in the lawsuit are unnecessary and caused by the plaintiff’s inaction.

How a Gilbert Car Accident Lawyer Might Help

Even if a victim does not seek immediate medical attention, an attorney can argue on their behalf. An attorney can present witnesses that demonstrate the human body’s reaction to trauma, and how the plaintiff received medical attention the moment they realized their injuries were serious.

The More Time Passed, the Less a Gilbert Car Accident Lawyer Can Do

While an attorney can help, seeking medical treatment weeks or months after the fact might lessen the likelihood of a successful claim. Furthermore, without corroborating evidence justifying such a delay, the court might dismiss the claim entirely.

What Can an Accident Victim Do?

It is best that a victim seeks medical treatment right away – regardless of whether they feel fine or not. Emergency room physicians can use medical and diagnostic scans to see early signs of an injury, even when the victim does not feel pain.

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