The Independent Medical Exam and Your Chandler Accident Lawyer’s Case

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After a car accident, you will most likely seek medical attention from the hospital or your personal physician.

While this information is critical for establishing your injury, it’s unlikely that your doctor is the last medical professional you’ll see.

During the personal injury lawsuit process, the insurance company has the right to request their own medical examination.

This review is referred to as the Independent Medical Examination (IME). All insurance carriers have the right to seek one in the state of Arizona, including for work-related injuries and motor vehicle accidents.

How Likely is an IME in a Personal Injury Case?

Approximately 2.35 million people are injured or disabled in automobile accidents each year in the United States.

Therefore, insurance companies have their hands full with injury claims. So, the likelihood of one requesting an IME in a personal injury case depends on one factor: the payout amount.

Low-value payouts or low-value cases are unlikely to see an IME, simply because the insurer does not want to incur the costs.

If, however, severe injuries and higher settlements are requested, then the insurer is more likely to require the IME.

Instances That Might Require an IME for a Personal Injury Case

  • Traumatic Brain Injury Claims: Injuries involving a traumatic brain injury are more likely to have an IME. TBIs are expensive to treat and often include long-term disability, which means higher settlement payouts.
  • Disability Claims: Any accident victim who claims to have a long-term or permanent disability will most likely encounter an IME to substantiate the permanence of their injury.
  • Loss of Earning Capacity: If an injury renders a victim unable to work or seek gainful employment, the insurer might request an IME to determine if they can indeed work, the extent of their limitations, and justification for the loss of earning capacity request.

Can a Chandler Accident Lawyer Attend?

The IME physician works for the insurer, not the victim. Therefore, it is in a victim’s best interest to have their Chandler accident attorney present at the IME. Also, an attorney may hire a private physician to review the findings of the IME and ensure that they are accurate based on the diagnosis and tests used to come to the diagnosis.

After an Accident, Contact a Chandler Accident Lawyer

The process of seeking compensation after an accident is long and complicated. There are multiple steps, including the potential IME, before a victim can receive his or her settlement.

The sooner a personal injury attorney gets involved, the better. Cases move faster with lawyers and are more likely to receive fair settlement value than without a lawyer.

After your injury, speak with a Chandler accident advocate from Tobler Law by calling our offices at 480-898-9700 or request information online.