Why You Need Professional Legal Representation For Your Motorcycle Accident in Gilbert, AZ

EW7482_B4_ToblerLaw_GL_8.8.2016Car accidents are some of the worst things that people can deal with in their lives. While some people are able to make it through their entire life without being involved in any accidents, there are others who get involved in several. However, being involved in an accident when you’re riding a motorcycle can be much worse than when two cars collide on the road. This is because people who are on motorcycles are much more likely to become physically injured when they are hit. It’s common for a biker to be hit and fly off of their motorcycle, which can result in some serious injuries that will require extensive medical care. If you were on a motorcycle when you were hit by another car, then there are several reasons why you should consider hiring an experienced lawyer to help your case.

The Amount of Your Settlement

One of the main reasons it’s beneficial to hire a lawyer after being hit on your motorcycle is because they can dramatically increase the settlement amount you are offered. In most cases, the at-fault party’s insurance company will try to settle with you instead of taking the case to trial. When there’s a regular car and a motorcycle involved in an accident, it’s much harder to get a jury to sympathize with the person who was driving the car, which most insurance companies know very well.

In order to get offered the largest settlement you can, you will need to hire a good motorcycle accident lawyer to represent you. This is because they can go over every aspect of your case and find several things that are worth money that you would have never even thought about. For example, most people know that they can rightly ask for financial compensation to cover their medical bills and the time they were out of work, but many people don’t know that they can also ask for extra compensation because of the mental anguish they were put through. Someone who is out of work and dealing with a serious physical injury may become depressed or stressed out because of their situation, which is worth mentioning in court and a solid reason to get a larger settlement. A good motorcycle accident lawyer will be sure to find everything that’s worth money in your case so they can get you the largest settlement possible. After all, the larger of a settlement you receive, the larger the payment your lawyer will receive.

The Peace of Mind

Another major aspect of hiring a good motorcycle accident lawyer in Gilbert is that they will make your ordeal much easier to handle. If you have to spend some time in the hospital after the accident, the last thing you want to do is try to gather police reports, witnesses, and anything else that is going to aid your case. If you hire a reputable lawyer who has experience with motorcycle accidents, then you can rest easy and focus on getting better while the law firm handles the difficult aspects of your case

If you’re working with a reputable motorcycle accident lawyer, the only thing you will need to do is honestly answer any questions they have for you and to show up to court when you are scheduled to do so. Your lawyer will handle everything else–getting hospital records, gathering witness testimonies, evaluating your pain and suffering, and much more. Also, your lawyer is going to be sure that you are well aware of everything that’s going on in your case. Some lawyers will try to work someone’s case and not communicate with their clients very well, which can be frustrating to someone who is waiting for their settlement money so they don’t fall behind on their bills. A good Gilbert motorcycle accident lawyer is not going to put their clients through this. They will also be sure to explain any complicated legal jargon that was used in the courtroom. There are times when lawyers, prosecutors, and judges are using legal terms that will confuse the average person, and a good lawyer is going to make sure that their client understands everything that transpired.

Extra Assistance in Your Case

There are some lawyers who are only concerned with helping themselves by trying to boost up your case and get you more money, but there are law firms that are actually concerned about your mental and physical state. In order to make your ordeal even easier to handle, a good lawyer is going to recommend the best doctors for your current situation. Experienced lawyers will have worked with several doctors in the past, so they are going to know which ones will be best to assist you. It can make your entire case much easier to handle if you don’t have to do any searching for doctors or extra work that your lawyer should be handling for you. Also, the medical professionals that examine you can make a big difference in the amount of your settlement.

There are even lawyers who are so concerned with their client’s well-being that they will make sure to pick you up and take you to your court hearings. If you are physically debilitated because of your motorcycle accident injuries, then you may have trouble getting around. This is especially true for people who live by themselves or don’t have any other means of transportation except their motorcycle that was damaged during the accident.

If you have been hit by a car while you were riding your motorcycle in the state of Arizona, then it would be wise to contact Tobler Law and speak with qualified legal professionals about your situation. Tobler Law has plenty of experience when it comes to motorcycle accident cases, and they also have an excellent track record for winning them in court. Don’t trust your settlement and peace of mind to a lawyer who doesn’t know how to handle your case appropriately; choose a law firm that truly cares about you and your well-being.