What to do if you get in a Car Accident in Phoenix?

Car accidents are common in Phoenix, and at times no matter how careful you are, some accidents are inevitable. For example, when you leave your house going for a random drive, the expectation is that you will return home safe and sound. However, despite driving at a reasonable speed and obeying all traffic rules, some rogue drivers might out of the blues ram into your vehicle, therefore, causing you material damage, personal injuries, or both.Are you in a dilemma on what your next step after a car accident should be?

Here are some of the vital steps you need to take:

Secure yourself
Remember that injuries resulting from a car accident might be visible in the first instance, or they might show up later. The first thing you should do is get out of the car if your injuries are not severe. If there are any injured parties in the accident, ensure you call emergency care as soon as possible. After that, move your vehicle to the roadside if you can, but please never leave the accident scene.

Collect information
It doesn’t matter the party at fault. Collecting information right after the accident will later help you pursue compensation in the event the party at fault fails to report the accident. Get the registration number of the other vehicle, name, and contact information of the driver. Talk to any eyewitnesses at the site and ask for their contact information too. If possible, ensure you capture some photos of the accident scene. The information you collect at this stage is vital for your compensation case.

Call the police
In some situations, you might not have to call the police because they are among the first responders at accident scenes. Where injuries are resulting from the accident, having the police at the scene is equally important.

Talk to a reputable attorney.
In a car accident, talking to an attorney is the best decision you will ever make. If you sustained injuries or incurred material damage, our accident and injuries team at Tobler Law are always help you recover damages through the right legal channels.