Buy A Defective Product In Tempe? Contact An Attorney

If you were shopping in a Tempe store and bought something such as a power tool, you assumed that once you started using it all would go as planned. Having read the product’s instructions and taken reasonable safety precautions along the way, there should have been no problems whatsoever. However, after leaving the emergency room after getting treated for such injuries as burns, lacerations, broken bones, or other severe injuries, you are now staring at large medical bills and no income from your job. If you were injured by a defective product, consult our personal injury lawyers immediately with us here at Tobler Law.

Design Flaws
In many situations involving defective products, it is eventually determined the product itself had a design flaw that made it destined to fail and be far more dangerous than anticipated. However, to prove this in court, you will need to work with experienced personal injury attorneys from Tobler Law. By doing so, we can bring in expert witnesses such as engineers who can testify on your behalf, increasing the chances you will win your case.

Inadequate Warnings or Instructions
In other cases involving defective product injuries, it is shown the product in question failed to include the proper warnings or instructions for consumers. As a result, while you did everything just as the instructions stated, the product’s manufacturer had left out key steps that resulted in you getting seriously injured.

Suing for Compensation
When you have been injured due to a defective product, you have the right to sue for financial compensation to cover your damages. In most cases, this means you can seek maximum compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and the pain and suffering resulting from your injury. If extreme negligence is shown on the part of the product’s manufacturer, you may also be awarded punitive damages by a jury.

Since thousands of people annually are injured by defective products, it is vital designers, manufacturers, and even retailers be held accountable for their actions. To do so and receive the compensation you need and deserve, schedule a consultation today with us here at Tobler Law.