Electric Scooter Accidents in Tempe Arizona

Electric scooters from companies like Bird and Lime are proliferating quickly around Tempe. They’re convenient to access and inexpensive to use, park and walk away from, but they also pose a risk of injury to riders, pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists and drivers. When an electric scooter is involved in an accident, and a person is injured, determining liability gets complicated quickly. Experienced, aggressive and effective legal representation becomes essential. The personal injury attorneys in Tempe at Tobler Law stand prepared to represent victims of electric scooter crashes in and around Tempe. We’re dedicated and respected advocates for injury victims. It’s our belief that when a person is injured as a result of the carelessness and negligence of somebody else, that victim deserves to be fully compensated.

Electric Scooters and Types of Accidents
Electric scooters are transportation devices on two wheels. The basically consist of handlebars, a floorboard to stand on and a small electric motor. At best, any protection for a rider who is involved in an electric scooter crash is flimsy. The scooters are rented through a smartphone app that unlocks a scooter for use. The cost is a dollar plus 15 cents per mile or minute. On level ground, they travel up to 15, miles per hour, but they can travel considerably faster downhill. Scooters of any kind have been prohibited on the Arizona State University for decades. The university has now come out with a strong reminder of that fact. The City of Tempe will begin drafting ordinances governing electric scooter rental and use in the immediate future. Here are some common electric scooter accident scenarios:

  • Scooters crashing into pedestrians, bicyclists or motor vehicles.
  • Pedestrians tripping and falling over abandoned scooters.
  • Scooter riders getting hit in left turn accidents.
  • Scooter riders getting “doored.”
  • Scooter riders being injured in accidents involving road defects.
  • Injuries caused by diminished control and braking capability when two people ride in tandem on one scooter.
  • Injuries caused by defective or poorly maintained scooters.

Serious injuries like traumatic brain injuries, multiple fractures, organ damage and road rash with infection can be suffered by an electric scooter rider. If you were injured in or around Tempe in any type of an electric scooter accident, seek immediate medical attention. Then, contact Tobler Law to arrange for a consultation and case review at no cost. If we enter into a retainer agreement to represent you, no legal fees are owed unless we obtain a settlement or verdict on your behalf.