Prescription Pill Personal Injury Cases in the State of Arizona

shutterstock_393853075When people visit their doctor, they expect them to be thorough in going over their medical history and also finding out any information about other conditions they have. A doctor needs to be sure they find out everything about their patient’s health before they write them a prescription, especially one that is known to interact badly with other drugs. Many people get the wrong drugs that end up causing them harm, in which case they can bring a personal injury lawsuit against the doctor/hospital/medical professional that’s responsible for the mistake. In the best case scenario, the patient notices what’s happening to them quickly and gets on the right medications. In worst case scenarios, the patient can actually die from a negative aspect of being on the wrong medicine.

The Different Types of Prescription Pill Medical Malpractice Cases

There are many things that determine a prescription pill personal injury case. One of the most common types of these cases is when a doctor fails to find out all of the medications that a patient is on, and then prescribes them something that interacts badly with one of their existing medications. There are certain drugs that cannot be mixed together or they will cause a bad chemical reaction inside the body. People who experience this can often tell right away that something is wrong, but there are other times when the symptoms and side effects of the drug combination can take weeks or even months to become apparent.

Another type of prescription pill personal injury case is when a doctor fails to acknowledge the allergies a patient has and writes them a prescription negligently. People have allergies to all types of substances, and this includes different types of medications. If a doctor did not get a complete history about someone’s previous medical conditions, previous operations, and previously known allergies, then they can be held responsible for any harm they caused to a patient by writing them a prescription in error.

A more uncommon type of prescription pill personal injury case is when a doctor refused to write a patient a prescription that they needed to remain healthy or preserve their life. If a doctor didn’t write someone a prescription for the medicine they need and instead decided to run more tests or get other opinions, they can be held responsible for any harm that came to the patient because of their hesitation. Medical professionals are supposed to be quick and efficient in diagnosing and treating a patient, and they can be held responsible for their mistake if they are not.

Who Can Be Held Responsible?

In a medical malpractice case regarding prescription pills, it’s important to figure out who made the error so they can be held responsible for the mistake that caused a patient harm. If a doctor wrote the wrong prescription, then they should answer for their actions. If a nurse gave a patient the wrong milligram dosage of a medication, then they should also be held responsible for their mistake. There are even medical malpractice cases regarding prescription pills where the pharmacy that dispensed the medicine can be held responsible for the harm that came to a patient because they gave out the wrong pills. If a pharmacy technician put the wrong milligram of pill into a bottle or put the completely wrong pill in the bottle altogether, then it could cause serious harm to the patient.

In order to have the best chance of figuring out who can be held responsible for a patient’s physical harm because of prescription pill errors, the patient needs to be sure they are working with a reliable lawyer who has experience in these types of cases. If a patient hires a good lawyer, then they are going to have the best chance of actually narrowing down who was the culprit in their prescription pill personal injury case.

What To Do About Prescription Pill Medical Malpractice Scenarios

Those who have been recently prescribed a new medication and feel that they are not on the right one need to be sure they stop taking the medication immediately and consult with another doctor. People are not supposed to feel noticeably bad after starting a certain medication. If a patient is suddenly very itchy, is experiencing burning sensations, or has any other type of negative side effects, then they need to be sure they make an appointment with a doctor other than the one who prescribed the medication. Most insurance companies will have no problem if a patient wants to get a second opinion or needs to see another doctor in a scenario like this.

One the medication is stopped and a second doctor’s opinion is consulted, a patient can figure out where to go from there. There are times where a patient is simply not used to feeling a certain side effect of the new medication, but there are other times when the patient is truly experiencing a bad interaction of drugs that their previous doctor should have caught.

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