When You Should Hire a Phoenix Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

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Phoenix Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

Property owners should keep their facility in a safe condition. They should place warning signs where the conditions are dangerous. Wet floors are a significant cause of slip and fall accidents. Property owners are encouraged to warn people of the state of the surface they are walking on.

You may be entitled to compensation if you get an accident as a result of a slippery floor. Proving these cases is hard. Hire an experienced Phoenix attorney to help you get through the complicated legal process. This article will highlight factors to consider to prove your case when injured from a slip and fall accident.

1. Duration of the condition

It is in your interest to find out how long the floor was wet. For instance, the owner of the facility should work on cleaning the premises when there is minimal or no traffic. They should clean the area in the morning hours before opening the business. The premises may invest in a method of drying up the floor immediately after washing. It is the responsibility of the cleaning officer to monitor the condition of the floor. Accidents caused by failure to maintain dry floors may be seen as negligence.

2. Consider the cause of the slippery floor 

Find out why the floor was slippery before you leave the scene of the accident. Just as in any case, it will be hard to win without any evidence. Water, ice, oil, grease, banana peels, food debris and floor wax, are some of the things that could make a floor slippery. Immediately after a slip and fall accident, look at your clothes, shoes, and floor for any evidence that caused the fall. Get the contacts of any witnesses of the incident and take photos of the scene for future reference.

3. How slippery was the floor? 

Just because the floor was slippery doesn’t put the premise owner accountable for any accidents. You need to prove that the floor was reasonably slippery and that the manager was aware of the condition.

4. Was there a warning sign? 

Some conditions can be avoided to minimize accidents. However, putting up a warning sign is a reasonable thing to do in such cases. The warning sign doesn’t absolve the accused of liability. However, failure to use the sign is proof of negligence.


Hire a Phoenix attorney to protect your legal rights in the case of a slip and fall accident. Tobler is an example of an experienced attorney who can handle such situations.