Injured By Defective Products In Tempe? Call Our Personal Injury Attorney

Each day in the United States, consumers use many products. Whether it is a prescription drug to help with an illness, driving a vehicle to work, or using a cleaning product when doing housework, individuals should be able to trust these and many other products will be safe to use. However, there are instances where manufacturers will make errors in design, manufacturing, or marketing of their products. When this happens, tragedy can sometimes be the result. If you have been injured by a defective product in Tempe, Phoenix, or surrounding areas, here are some reasons to contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Medical Expenses

 Since manufacturers and sellers have a responsibility to consumers to put products on the market that are safe to use, they are liable for damages when something goes terribly wrong. In these cases, victims should always consult a personal injury attorney who understands how to approach defective products cases. Since many types of serious injuries can occur in these cases, including blindness, traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, loss of limb, and other devastating injuries, medical expenses can become astronomical. Rather than let the financial future of you and your family be ruined due to the negligence of others, working with a personal injury attorney in Tempe AZ can help you gain compensation to cover not only current medical bills, but also payment for future treatments as well.

Lost Wages

 If you are injured by a defective product, chances are you will be unable to work for a long period of time, and possibly never again. As a result, you will be faced with a very uncertain future. In these cases, a personal injury attorney can gather key evidence, examine past incidents of problems with the product, work with expert witnesses, and much more to help you gain compensation for the wages you have already lost, plus what you would be expected to earn in the future if you are unable to return to your job.

Pain and Suffering

 Perhaps most of all, defective products cases tend to produce tremendous pain and suffering physically and emotionally. Since people’s lives can be changed in an instant in these cases, emotions can run very high. Because of this, it is important to work with a personal injury attorney who understands this, and will fight to protect your rights and seek justice for the pain and suffering you are now experiencing.