How To Handle Insurers After A Car Accident in Phoenix


If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident as the result of the carelessness and negligence of somebody else, you have every right to make an insurance claim with that person’s insurer. You’ll need to know how that insurer will be evaluating your claim though. The days of an insurance adjuster combing through your medical records might have passed. Now, software programs like Colossus are used. The opposing insurance adjuster inputs certain data into the Colossus program, and Colossus comes up with a suggested settlement amount for the claim.

The adjuster first gathers your medical records and bills and puts what he or she feels is relevant information along with keywords into Colossus. Some keywords assign more value to your claim than others. For example, a fracture with a surgery would have a higher value than a strain or sprain. Once all of the adjuster’s information is inputted, Colossus gives him or her a settlement range. Some insurance companies don’t deviate from that settlement range. Others will make their own second evaluation, or they might not even use Colossus at all.

Garbage In Garbage Out
What comes to issue with Colossus is the information that the opposing adjuster inputs into the program. If certain information or keywords are omitted, a claim won’t be valued as highly as if the keywords had been properly entered. Another issue is that Colossus doesn’t calculate damages issues like a victim’s pain and suffering or diminished quality of life. No computer program in the world can calculate how a particular injury impacted a particular person’s life.

In every case that we represent accident victims in, we’re fully prepared to explain how client has been affected. If an adjuster is indifferent, we’ll file a lawsuit and articulate to a judge and jury what our client has gone through and had to overcome. Jurors don’t use a computer program to value your case. If you’ve been injured anywhere in or around Phoenix as a result of the negligence of somebody else, you’ll serve yourself well by staying away from that opposing insurer. You can phone us or email us, and you can arrange for a free consultation and case evaluation. Our Car Accident Attorney in Phoenix will carefully listen to you, answer your questions and advise you of your complete range of legal alternatives. You don’t need to pay us a penny to retain us either. That’s because no legal fees are due