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Common Causes of Morning Commute Accidents – And How Phoenix Lawyers Help

Anyone that deals with the morning commute knows how chaotic it can be, and no one knows it better than Phoenix lawyers practicing personal injury law. From the endless congestion on the highway to aggressive drivers and growing impatient cyclists to the distracted commuters doing everything from eating to drinking coffee to grooming – the… Read more

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Can a Phoenix Wrongful Death Lawyer File Suit Against a Bar?

Losing a loved one to a drunk driver is something that no family should have to experience. While there are strict DUI laws in the state of Arizona, often these neglect to repair the damage done by a drunk driver when it comes to the emotional and financial loss of a loved one. Hiring a… Read more

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What is the Difference Between a Personal Injury Lawsuit and Workers’ Compensation?

When someone is injured on a construction site, the type of lawsuit filed is determined by the status of the person injured. Were they working on the job site or were they a bystander? There are distinct differences between personal injury and workers’ compensation claims. It is important to note that while there are instances… Read more

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A Personal Injury Attorney in Mesa Can Help with Back Injuries

The back is a highly sensitive region of the body. In a motor vehicle accident, the spine, discs, and nerves in the back can easily be injured. After an accident, if a victim suffers from a debilitating back injury, it’s important that they speak with a personal injury attorney in Mesa to have their case… Read more

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How a Mesa Accident Attorney Helps in a Road Rage Accident Case

A majority of car accidents occur in Mesa because of road rage and aggressive driving. These persistent attempts are done to scare drivers and unfortunately, these types of incidents can be life-threatening. When drivers act aggressively or deliberately drive reckless on the road, those sharing the road with them suffer. The best way for drivers… Read more

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What Happens When a Driver Causes an Accident After Falling Asleep?

Falling asleep at the wheel is common throughout the U.S. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), estimates that drowsy drivers cause a large majority of fatal car accidents. Worse, the costs of drowsy driving are estimated at $12.5 billion in losses, and there are an estimated 71,000 injuries each year because of… Read more

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Decoding the Complex Arizona Wrongful Death Statute

In the state of Arizona, a wrongful death claim is subject to the Arizona Revised Statute §12-611 to 12-613. Within the statutes, loved ones are given basic rights to seek compensation under particular circumstances. The wrongful death statutes are highly complex; therefore, family members should consult a Phoenix wrongful death lawyer before assuming their case… Read more

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