What a Victim Needs to Know About Product Liability Personal Injury Cases

product liability attorneyA product liability case can be confusing as many people aren’t even aware that they were the victim of a faulty product and don’t do anything about it. However, this is not a wise decision. The company which produced the faulty product that injured someone is probably going to continue making their products incorrectly, which will eventually cause someone to become seriously injured. If someone has a bad experience with a faulty product, they can bring this to the attention of a court and to ensure that the manufacturing company is held liable for the damage their product caused and also that they change their production procedures to prevent people from getting hurt in the future.

What Does a Victim Need to Do in a Product Liability Case?

The first thing a victim of a faulty product needs to do is to take pictures of their injury, no matter how minor. No product that is manufactured should cause harm to someone, especially if they were using it as the directions said. An injured person also needs to be sure that they write down everything surrounding the incident; purchasing the product, using the product, how they went about using the product (did they follow directions or not), and any other pertinent information about the injury and how it was sustained.

Also, a victim needs to be sure they preserve the product as best as possible. The packaging, label, and the product itself are all going to help them when they take their case to court. It would even be wise to try and produce a copy of the receipt as well. A lawyer is going to want all of this information from their client in order to determine how much of a case they have and if they are willing to represent someone for it.

Another thing that’s important to keep in mind is to contact a lawyer as quickly as possible. If a victim contacts a lawyer while the injury is still fresh, they will be able to come and investigate the situation themselves. A lawyer will likely meet with someone if they claim they have a product liability case so they can see just how serious the injury is, and also so they can interview the victim to find out what they did when using the product. If someone was using the product completely wrong and didn’t even bother to read the directions, there’s a good chance that they don’t have a case at all. Many products have specific directions and warning labels to prevent people from using their products incorrectly. However, those who followed the directions exactly and have the product that injured them can likely recreate the incident if necessary. This is a case that a lawyer is going to be interested in.

Also, another thing a victim of a faulty product can do to bolster their case is to contact any witnesses to the product’s defectiveness. If someone was attempting to use an item in front of their friends, then these people can testify on the victim’s behalf and increase their chances of winning. Anything a victim can do to prove their case is a legitimate one is going to help because most manufacturing companies will have a team of lawyers that will try to pick apart a case; no company wants to pay out money to a victim if they don’t have to, and they will do everything they can to prevent this from happening.

What Will a Product Liability Lawyer Do?

The lawyer in charge of a victim’s case is going to do many things in order to ensure they have the best chance of winning when it comes time to go to court or settle a case. They will be able to interview the victim. They will also be able to research the company in question to find out if they have had any other similar cases in the past. If a company has dealt with several claims of faulty products, even if they won and didn’t have to pay a victim any money, they are going to be under extra scrutiny. A product liability lawyer will find out information about this so they can potentially bring it to light in court.

The lawyer will also investigate the manufacturing company and they can interview the person or people most knowledgeable about the products. The lawyer is going to ask intensive questions to figure out what the company has done to ensure their products are safe. Once they determine what a company does to ensure their products are safe, they will thoroughly examine these processes. Often times, a manufacturing company has outdated quality assurance procedures that allow them to miss critical things, which a lawyer is going to catch so they can bring it up in front of a judge. This is going to increase a victim’s chance of winning their case and will also give a judge the information they need to order the company to update their company policies and procedures.

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