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5 Things To Not Do Following A Car Accident

Most car accident victims are aware of what they need to do after an accident. They know to call for help, get contact information, and contact their insurance company. While there is an extensive list of steps to take immediately after an accident, there is an equally important list of steps not to do. These… Read more

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How Can Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyers Help Get Compensation For Pain and Suffering?

From a personal injury standpoint, pain and suffering refers to the combination of physical pain and distress as well as emotional distress that an accident victim may suffer following their incident. Most personal injury claims will include compensation demands for pain and suffering. It is important, however, to understand what pain and suffering entails. The… Read more

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Common Rear-End Collision Injuries To Know

There is no denying the fact that car accidents are emotionally and physically horrific. Even accidents at low speeds can lead to physical trauma. Some of these injuries are noticeable immediately, while others will not manifest for days or even weeks. This is particularly the case with rear-end collisions, according to Nolo. Rear-end collisions are… Read more

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Does Your Personal Injury Claim Meet The Burden Of Proof?

The success of a personal injury claim weighs heavily on the evidence. What accident victims may not realize, however, is it is their duty to provide substantial evidence to the insurance claims adjuster or the court. The evidence is what substantiates the claim and proves the settlement amount requested. Without adequate evidence, a case will… Read more

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How Do Mesa Lawyers Prove Liability In Truck Accident Cases?

The question of liability is complicated when it comes to truck accident cases. That is because it is much harder to determine who is responsible for the incident. Surprisingly, the person responsible may not always be the driver of the truck – and not the driver of the other vehicle involved either. Truck accident cases… Read more

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When Does A Phoenix Personal Injury Claim Qualify For Punitive Damages?

In a personal injury claim, most damages are compensatory in nature. While these damages may not recover a plaintiff physically, they will help the plaintiff become financially whole once again. Punitive damages, on the other hand, are different. These damages are designed to punish; hence, the name “punitive.” These damages are awarded in addition to… Read more

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Determining if You Have a Personal Injury Lawsuit

When someone is involved in an accident, they don’t want to be stuck paying for expensive medical bills, car repair costs, rehabilitation fees, and other types of expenses. However, people often get stuck paying for these things because they didn’t go about resolving their accident issue the right way. Instead of trying to do everything… Read more

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What You Need to Know About Wrongful Death Claims in Arizona

Losing someone to natural causes is hard enough as it is, but the situation can be much more stressful if the deceased person died because of another’s negligence. If a person has died due to someone else’s actions, then the one who caused the death can be held legally responsible for their mistake. There is… Read more

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