Once you’ve retained an attorney to represent you for your personal injury case, there are a couple of ways you can assist your attorney and paralegal so your case is handled in the most efficient and expedient way possible.

Here at Tobler Law, once you are done treating, your paralegal works hard to prepare a demand package for the insurance company to review and ultimately make an offer to settle your case.  Included in that demand package are all of the medical bills and medical records that correspond to the treatment you underwent for your injury.

It is important and helpful that your paralegal be updated with any new physicians or treatments you may have started after your initial consultation in our office with Mr. Tobler.  Updating your paralegal with new medical provider names, their contact information and the dates you treated with them is crucial to proper handling of your case.

Here at Tobler Law we will contact you, our client, for status updates periodically and ask for this information as well.  Be prepared by keeping a folder or file of all your medical treatment documents so this information is readily available.  Thank you for choosing Tobler Law; we are your accident and injury team!

Paralegal Kim