In addition to being a law clerk at Tobler Law, I am a currently a law student.  While learning in both settings, I have realized that the academic world and the real world are very different.

In law school, I constantly read case law, which is a court’s interpretation of statutory law.  To a law student, an attorney’s job is to constantly research case law and apply it to clients’ cases.  Perhaps Hollywood movies have played a role in convincing us that lawyers are endlessly engulfed in the search for the perfect legal precedent for each case.

At Tobler Law, I have been pleased to find out that attorneys do not spend all of their time doing legal research.  Our attorneys are very knowledgeable of personal injury law.  While the attorneys are watchful for statutory changes and new case law, they are already very familiar with the law related to your personal injury claim.  If you’ve been injured in an accident, you can be confident that the Tobler Law knows how to protect your rights and handle your case.

Law Clerk Jared