Glad For Lawsuits

The recent Toyota debacle has reminded me that I’m glad I live in a litigious society.  As a college student, I interned in Japan and toured a Toyota manufacturing facility.  I was so impressed with its high standards.  Quality. Safety.  Those were words associated with this gold standard company.

Yet clearly with time, those standards slipped.  Every day, we are learning more and more about the accident-prone vehicles, how long the company knew about them, and how the company chose profits over fixing the problem.

Now faced with an onslaught of accidents, injuries, and even death – Toyota’s sales will surely suffer.  But for the injured, the people so badly harmed by Toyota’s negligence, justice will only come through the court system.  And if it weren’t for the lawsuits already filed and the detailed discovery conducted by dedicated lawyers, how much would the public have ever found out about these defective vehicles?