Gastric Bypass Surgery Botched? Contact An Attorney

For some obese individuals, gastric bypass surgery is a viable option that will help them lose weight and become healthier. Done by stapling or removing part of one’s stomach, it bypasses the normal route from the stomach to the intestine. As a result, it is considered one of the most difficult surgical procedures doctors can perform, and should only be done by those who possess the proper training and experience. Unfortunately, many people experience serious complications from these procedures, often due to the negligence of the doctor in charge. If your gastric bypass surgery was botched, contact us here at Tobler Law.

Poorly Equipped Facility
In many situations where surgery was botched, the doctor had a facility that was not properly equipped for this specialized type of surgery. From not having the proper instruments and equipment to not having staff who were properly trained, these and other circumstances are indeed a recipe for disaster.

Patients Not Being Suitable Candidates
In other situations where this surgery goes wrong, an investigation determines the patient was in fact not a good candidate for the surgery. From having underlying health problems to other circumstances, some doctors choose to look the other way and instead place profits over the safety of their patients. By hiring us here at Tobler Law, you can have attorneys on your side who will examine medical records, work with expert witnesses in the medical field, and much more to ensure you gain compensation for a surgery that went terribly wrong.

Failing to Diagnose Complications
If your gastric bypass surgeon failed to spot complications during your surgery and take appropriate steps to correct whatever problems took place, it is little wonder you are now facing numerous complications after the procedure. Unfortunately, many problems associated with a botched gastric bypass surgery can be difficult if not impossible to correct, making it even more important you gain maximum compensation for your injuries.

Though you may be suffering physically from the actions of an incompetent plastic surgeon, don’t continue to suffer financially as well. Instead, hire Tobler Law and get the financial compensation you deserve.