Phoenix Nursing Home Abusing Your Loved One? Speak To An Attorney

Whether it is your parents, grandparents, or other loved ones, the decision to place them in a nursing home is difficult at best. However, it leads to even more guilt on your part once you start suspecting nursing home abuse is taking place against your family member. While you may have a hunch this is happening, making these accusations is very serious and should only be done after you have gathered evidence backing up your claims. If you believe nursing home abuse is occurring with your loved one, speak to a Tobler Law personal injury attorney at once.

Take Photos
When you believe your loved one is being abused in a nursing home, take photos to document what has happened. For instance, if your loved one has bruises or other injuries that are not being adequately explained by staff, take pictures of these. Also, if your loved one’s room is not being properly maintained regarding cleanliness, document this as well. Once you have done so, meet with a nursing home abuse attorney, hand over the photos, and discuss the situation in greater detail.

Changes in Behavior
If your loved one was happy prior to moving into a nursing home but now appears frightened and scared of certain staff members, it is possible they are being abused physically, emotionally, or perhaps even sexually. In many cases when you are visiting them, you may start to notice their reactions when certain staff members come into their room. Should this occur, be sure you get the staff member’s name and job title, then plan to meet with your attorney to learn what comes next.

Make Your Concerns Known
After you have gathered evidence supporting your suspicions, make your concerns known to nursing home staff and administrators. While you shouldn’t make wild accusations or threaten anyone, you should simply let them know you have concerns and have consulted an attorney about the matter. By doing so, they will know you are serious about getting answers to your questions.

If you suspect nursing home abuse, don’t procrastinate. Instead, immediately schedule a consultation with Tobler Law.