Fall While Shopping In Phoenix? Get Compensation For Your Injuries

In almost any store, items get broken that result in puddles forming in shopping aisles. Unfortunately, many of these spills do not get cleaned up immediately. In situations where the spills are cleaned up, warning signs or cones are not put up around the area to alert shoppers of a potential hazard. As a result, numerous people slip and fall while shopping each year in Phoenix, resulting in various injuries such as broken bones or concussions. If you are now suffering from injuries sustained from a slip and fall accident, let us here at Tobler Law help you gain compensation for your injuries.

Medical Bills
When you slip and fall in a store, the injuries you sustain will usually require weeks of treatment and recovery at a minimum. Should you suffer broken bones, back injuries, or other issues, physical therapy and other visits to your family doctor and specialists will be on the horizon. Unfortunately, each visit adds to the growing pile of medical bills that will need to be paid. By hiring an attorney immediately after your accident, you can start the process of gaining compensation to pay your medical expenses.

Lost Income
No matter what type of job you have, the slip and fall accident will force you to the sidelines for an extended period of time. Because of this, regular paychecks will come to a halt, putting you and your family in sudden financial peril. However, this does not stop your normal living expenses from accumulating, making it difficult for you to pay your mortgage, car payment, buy groceries, and other necessities of life. Instead of sitting at home letting your finances get ruined, work with us here at Tobler Law to help you get compensation that will replace your lost wages.

If you are hesitant about filing a personal injury lawsuit following your slip and fall accident, don’t be. Since you did nothing wrong, it is imperative you hold those responsible for turning your life upside down accountable for their negligence and carelessness. To do so, schedule a consultation with our Personal Injury Lawyers here at Tobler Law today.