Everything You Need to Know About a Traumatic brain injury

Traumatic brain injury may be the result of a car accident, workplace accident, or other types of mishap. Regardless of its cause, TBI changes lives. The injured person is left with physical, emotional, and mental scars after the accident and may require help with daily activities for the rest of their lives. Talk to an experienced personal injury attorney if you or a loved one has sustained a TBI caused by the negligence of another person.

Fact & Stats: TBI in Phoenix & the U.S.

Every 21 seconds, someone becomes the victim of a TBI. Over 5.3 million people live with a TBI that affect their personal lives, employment, and more. More than 50,000 people die from the injuries they sustain due to TBI. More than 9,550 people visit a Phoenix emergency room each year due to a head injury of some sort.

How Serious is TBI?

Traumatic Brain Injury can be something as minor as a migraine headache that results after the incident or something considerably more serious, even causing permanent disability. The severity of the impact of the brain determines the extent of the injuries. Visit a doctor if you suspect TBI of any type, even if it is minor.

Types of TBI

There are two types of traumatic brain injury. An open-head injury and a closed-head injury are the two types of TBI that a person may sustain. Open head injuries occur when an object pierces the skull and damages the brain. A closed head injury occurs when there is blunt force trauma to the skull and/or brain.

What Causes TBI?

Car accidents account for about 28% of all traumatic brain injuries in the United States. Sports injuries account for another 20% of the injuries and 43% from unspecified reasons. Approximately 9% of all TBI occurs as a result of an assault. TBI costs more than $48 million in medical bills every year.

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