Was Your Child Bitten By A Dog in Mesa AZ?

While children and dogs seem like a lovable combination, children suffer severe dog bites at a rate that far exceeds the general population. When these incidents take place, the results can be horrific and devastating to the child and their parents. In most cases, the child is bitten in the face and requires extensive plastic surgery to repair wounds to muscles that can lead to scarring or disfigurement. If your child was bitten by a dog in Phoenix or elsewhere, hire a dog bite attorney at Tobler Law.

Strict Liability Cases
In Arizona, a dog owner is responsible for whatever actions their dog takes against another person. Known as strict liability, this means there is no need to prove negligence took place on the part of the dog owner prior to the bite occurring. Since this means you and your child would have a much easier time securing compensation for medical bills and other expenses, always contact Tobler Law immediately following your child being bitten by a dog.

Various Damages Covered
When a child is bitten by a dog, there are far more damages other than those which are physical. In many cases, these situations lead to a child being forever traumatized by even the sight of a dog, much less one getting close to them. Because of this, they often need psychological counseling to help them overcome the emotional trauma brought on by the dog bite. In addition, you as the parent will need to miss significant time from your job to take your child to doctor’s appointments and counseling sessions. Fortunately, once you file a personal injury lawsuit, you are able to sue for compensation that will pay for medical expenses, your lost income, counseling sessions for your child, and the pain and suffering your child has endured following the bite.

Since it is quite possible the lives of your child, yourself, and the rest of your family may be forever changed following a severe dog bite, hold the dog’s owner responsible for their actions and those of their dog. To do so, consult with a dog bite attorney in Mesa, AZ at Tobler Law today.