Injured After Purchasing A Defective Product In Tempe?

Whether you purchase a product by going to a store or by getting it online, you as a consumer have the right to expect the product you bought will be safe to use. However, that is not always how it goes once you get the product home and start using it. From power tools and electronics to exercise equipment and numerous other examples, defective products injure thousands of people in the United States each year. If you have unfortunately become a member of this club, here are some steps you should take immediately.

Seek Treatment for Your Injuries
As soon as you are injured, get medical treatment so that your injuries can be documented by your doctor and recorded in your medical records. The longer you delay in seeking treatment, the more likely an insurance company will deny your claim and the compensation you need for medical bills and other damages.

Keep the Product As-Is
If you are injured by a defective product, never just throw it and its packaging away. By keeping the product in its original state and also any packaging that it came in, you are giving your personal injury attorney from Tobler Law the evidence they may need to win your case.

Report Your Injuries
If you were injured from a defective product while at work or anywhere else other than your own home, report your injuries as soon as possible to your employer or others in charge of the area. In addition, make sure those in charge fill out a detailed accident report, since your attorney will use this to build a stronger case in your favor.

Since defective product cases can have multiple defendants who can be held accountable for your injuries, always hire a personal injury attorney who has extensive experience with such cases. If you are now suffering the effects of broken bones, severe burns, or other serious injuries that may impact your life for months, years, or possibly forever, don’t sit back and do nothing. Instead, contact Tobler Law today to schedule a consultation and discuss what happened in greater detail.