Injured by A Defective Product At Phoenix Store and Need an Attorney?

If you went to a store in Phoenix, AZ Metro area recently and perhaps bought something such as a power tool or a small appliance, you assumed nothing would go wrong once you got the product to your home. However, through a design fault, poor directions, or other problems, the product malfunctioned and led to you being seriously injured. When this happens, don’t assume there is nothing that can be done. Since your injuries will lead to expensive medical treatment, lost income from being away from your job, and daily pain and suffering, hold those responsible accountable for their actions by contacting an experienced personal injury lawyer at Tobler Law.

Preserve Evidence
When injured by a defective product, preserve as much evidence as possible. To do so, always keep the product as well as its label and packaging. Along with this, take photos of the product, especially any warning labels it contains. Finally, also take photos of your injuries and statements from anyone who may have witnessed what happened.

Multiple Liability
In personal injury cases involving defective products, there is often multiple liability among various parties. In most cases, you can likely pursue litigation against not only the designers and manufacturers of the product, but also the retailer that sold you the product. Since each of these parties has a legal obligation to consumers to put a product on the market that is safe, always make sure you hold each and every party responsible for your injuries accountable in these situations.

Document Your Medical Treatment
When you are injured by a defective product, do not hesitate in seeking medical treatment. Since you may have suffered serious injuries such as burns, broken bones, metal or other materials getting in your eyes, or other injuries, always seek immediate medical attention. Along with protecting your health, you will also ensure your injuries are documented by doctors in your medical records in a timely manner.

Since these cases often involve negotiations with insurance companies and other parties, always hire an experienced personal injury attorney. To discuss your case in detail, schedule a consultation today with Tobler Law